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We specialize in trading the Forex Market using Price Action. Moreover we do not trade other asset classes. The reason behind this is because there is a specific way of trading the Forex market. As a result we teach you how to do this safely.

Our team was founded in 2005, with students based worldwide. Our goal is to help as many people as possible achieve their goal of becoming a consistently profitable trader. We have established ourselves as market leaders by providing an excellent support, guidance and mentor-ship platform to make sure you can trade the Forex market safely.

Interested in Trading But Don’t Know Where To Start?

 6  Simple Ways To Start Currency Trading

We understand that when you are just beginning to learn the keys to currency trading, it’s important you have the right learning environment to work in, and the right people to guide you on your journey. If you want to start making money and get out of the rat race, we can teach you how to make a healthy profit through Forex trading. We are passionate about what we do, and as real, successful traders, we can teach you how to trade in a live trading environment where you can gain the knowledge and experience you need to succeed at trading Forex. Stop dreaming about it and take the next step to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Join us today


 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Forex?

FOREX is known as a "Foreign currency exchange market" It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined price. The foreign exchange markets has averaged transaction of $8 trillion per day &  This market determines foreign exchange rates for every nation GLOBAL currency.

2. Who owns Forex and where is it located?

It isn't owned by anyone in particular. Forex is an inter bank market, meaning that its transactions are conducted only between two participants (e.g Euro & U.S) as a seller and the buyer. So as long as the current banking system will exist, Forex will be here. It isn't connected to any specific country or government organization.

3. How can I start trading Forex?

You'll need to register a trading account with a Forex broker, such as FBS broker. Then you can begin using their Forex trading software to buy and sell currencies. This will take less than 5 minutes of your time!

4. How much money do I need to start trading Forex?

With FBS cent Account  you can start trading Forex with as little as $1.

5. I don't know anything about Forex . How to start?

You can learn from books or online articles but it take long time to master. The fastest way is to learn Forex by joining our Forex coaching program which only takes 1-6 months to be a  full time profitable trader. 

6. I never traded in my life. I have no Time to look at Computer. But I want to make money. Can I do it?

The Forex market is a multi-trillion dollar market and you can capitalize it by join our Money Management service. make 8-50% profit monthly with zero effort. Click Her for More details

7. Can I actually make money trading online??

Your success depends on your own commitment, confidence and drive when learning Forex strategies. Traders around the world have succeeded in using our education/strategies to make money. Regardless of your current situation or your level of experience, we provide the tools to help make your trading and income goals a reality.

8.  Is trading hard to learn?

Trading can be complex; however, we as Experienced traders has simplify the process to become skilled at what we do. Like sports, if we are to elevate our skill and expect better results, each trader must accept that learning anything new or challenging will take some time to master their proficiency.

9. What makes you service different from other Forex services out there ?

We have 15+ year experience in Forex industry. we have spent significant time refining our strategies to make this an easy and comfortable experience in as little time as possible for you. Our online training and virtual trading room are geared towards making the trading process simple to use and easy to understand. we teach every strategies in a step-by-step process so you can gradually advance with a firm understanding.

10. Is your education suite for complete beginners?

Yes, our coaching programmer can be understand by everyone, from those without any prior experience to those who have been trading for years!

11. I am a consistently losing trader. How can you help me?

we provide you with two trading strategies for execution and one for management & on top of this, we provide a super friendly online community to help you accomplish your trader goals.

There are many different ways to trade, and not all of them provide the results we as traders are seeking. We can’t guarantee that you will follow our resources, but we will show you what is working for current students and other successful traders that have been where you are now.

12.  What are the Capital requirements to begin trading?

The amount of money you require actually depends on your trading objectives. Most importantly, you should only use money that is allocated for trading. Don’t use the money you cannot afford to lose.

13. Is your Trading course is legit?

We has a rich history of serving more than 3,000 students since 2005. We proud and humbled to have received numerous awards over its 15 year history including best places to work.

14. If you can make money from trading, why do you teach others?

As professional traders and coaches, we want to show people that you can have everything that you want and are willing to work for. Personally, we have “selfless” and “selfish” reasons for teaching people how to trade… It’s true that Forex Trading can be lonely and isolating for most new traders. When we first started trading 15 years ago, we had no support, coach or community to turn to when things went “pear-shaped”. As we started achieving profit, we started sharing ideas and trading strategies with traders that we would meet and see the benefits they achieved from the coaching and support. We believe that Trading is a great income opportunity for so many people, that not sharing it would be selfish and we have an obligation to share what we know. The membership fee is cost of entry to demonstrate commitment by the member to learn, but also supports the growth of the program so that we can reach more people.

15. Should I Learn Forex Trading? Is Forex Trading Suitable for all Investors?

You can be a Forex Trader in your spare time – The Forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week and you don’t to be an expert in financial services to be a successful at forex trading. If you approach currency trading as the business it is, and apply proven profit making strategies, with a level head, you can create a consistent income Forex trading on the currency markets. Our Coaches have been helping forex traders create financial freedom for more than 15 years, many of which are new traders as they get started trading financial products.

16. I have never traded the Forex market before. How quickly can I make money?

Forex Trading profitably is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme… Be realistic in your expectations about the time and effort from the time you start trading until you are profitable. The key to consistency in trading the foreign exchange profitably is that it is one of the strongest financial products for focused traders and should be traded with care and an emphasis on long term positive markets. Trading all financial products should tailored strategies that take advantage of their unique strengths and risks.

17. Do I have to invest a lot of time to learn trading Forex?

Money and time is generally required to start any profit-focused business.. Your education, knowledge of the trading strategies and business development is the most important investment.

18. Can I succeed as a Forex Market as a Trader?

our coaching program purposely designed anyone to achieving success in Forex on a daily basis regardless of their backgrounds. You can success!

19. Do I have to be a Computer Genius to Trade?

Generally, if you are able to receive and answer emails its enough.  Our coaches are very skilled at helping members learn Forex trading strategies and get up and running and they can even help you install and set up your charts.

20. Do you employ strong Risk Management Strategies?

We teach you how to Effectively BALANCE Risk and Reward to Protect Your Capital, whilst Maximizing Your Profit using proven Forex trading strategies. 

21. What broker or trading platform do I need to use?

Our Trading Method can be used as any broker because we refer to naked chart to read the market. However we personally recommend FBS broker

22. Do I have to watch the charts all day or can I make money in short time frames?

Our Traders usually trade around the H1 time frame and above. Initially you will have more time  for entry ant position.

23. How long do New Traders take to learn your system effectively?

We have a 4 Step Process where new trader are guided through strict Forex guideline. But don't worry, as a member you sill have full access to join our Forex signal gorp & can place trade exactly as we do we do. you still can make money till you can learn finish Forex. Take as you many as time you want.

24. What makes your service is different from the others?

There are many trading courses available, but none of them sustain for 15 years. We as experience trade give you free course and free 1 moth Forex signal plus copy trading service without any fee. There are no any service out there are more flexible as we are.

25. Can the Forex market crash?

No, the Forex market as a whole can not crash like the stock market, unless one day currency ceases to exist. This is because each currency moves independently against one another. A good analogy would be that currency pairs are like elevators. Let’s say we’re looking at the Euro against the US Dollar. If the EUR elevator is going down relative to the USD elevator, then the USD is going up (against the EUR). So while a European may think that the EUR crashed that day, an American may think the USD soared that day. It is all relative to the currency they are trading against.

26. What are some advantages of Forex trading vs. Stocks and Equities trading?

Lower barrier to entry, lower transaction costs, longer hours of operation, higher leverage, higher liquidity and higher volume are just some advantages of Forex trading over the traditional equities/stock market.


We not give an investment or trading advise.  We only give our opinion, ideas & theories. Always do your own research and your own due diligence before investing or trading. Forex market is extremely high risk & we not your financial advisor. We never tell you what to do with your trades or investments, I only share & explain my own.

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