Customer Reviews

"in all my years of buying so many courses Sasi trading course is in the best and it is works on the right end of the charts. If you are looking to make consistent profit then this is the best course that you can buy

Frances, UK

Sasi is consistently profitable trader. His strategy is is on another level it help me to grow and push forward. It feels like a family.

James, South Africa 

His trading course really has opened my eyes to  see all the potential in trading. By far i limiting myself  with indicators or profit taking levels etc. After complete His coaching is can see clearly what is price movement.

Tom,  Italy

I have been trading now for 18 months and seen a few methods, some with a large basis on technical indicators and some more trend related. This guy  have really deconstructed the process i use previously and show  mea a very easy way to understand Forex market completely & emotionless

Paul Bray, Sweden

I started off trading around 2 years ago and after getting various education from different sources I couldn’t find that consistency I needed, until I found his course. They teach me a killer entry strategy combined with the ultimate money management which has allowed me to find consistency in Forex trading.

Avery, USA

I joined Guerrilla on October 2010, at that time I have zero knowledge about Forex. After studying Forex trading for 3 months and now i become a full time Forex trader.

Damian, Greece

all the knowledge and value provided by the team what makes them unique and this pushing me to the next level. Thanks 

Adam, Finland

His coaching has truly changed my life and shown me clear path to true financial freedom. I will be forever grateful.

Francesco, Italy

Since joining Sasi Forex trading coaching my results have transformed, I have not had a negative month, and now my average monthly returning  results over 30%.

Ted, United States

There are clear rules for every entries and  it very simple to back test the market using his strategy but also protects you psychologically for when you look at scaling up your account.

Greg, Austria

His coaching provides me the skills and abilities to do trade Forex  independently without having to ask what is a great trade or not because you know already myself.

Lawrence, Norway

I can honestly say, Sasi Forex coaching has changed my life. From their overwhelming support and engagement  community, weekly forecasts and twice weekly recaps paired with the transparency of true market movement make me to able to propel my trading in an incredible way.

Stefan, Austria

“To be honest I did not expect this. After todays first session we had, I am very impressed with the quality of training. It sounds funny, but I feel like I am brand new trader now.”

Victor, Hungary

I want to give you a quick update for the last month. I took only 3 trades this month, but it was enough for 35% end of month performance. One setup was little aggressive, but hey as long as I manage the risk and follow my own trading rules and stick to it, it is fine!!

Kumar, India

“I can’t believe how my trading changed. It is like fishing nowadays. Every day I know exactly what I am looking for. This week alone I made 420pips. Thanks a lot for clear explanations and guidance.

David, Singapore

“Before I joined your 1 to 1 private coaching program I tried every possible trading course and read every book on trading strategies and psychology possible. I was losing money and I did not have the mindset of successful trader. After just few sessions with You, I drastically changed the way I approach the markets and trading business overall. I am whole new trader and person, and my results are already speaking for itself. Thank You again.”

Hamed, Canada

“I think, if I would have joined your private 1-1 course right away when I started with trading I would already achieved all my major goals. Since we started working together I am finally learning how to trade markets with pure price action and right mindset. It is refreshing and can not wait to achieve my goals.”

Angela, Australia

After seeing a few of your videos and posts I did not want to waste no more time – I knew you are the real deal. As you know I joined your program not much time ago and I am already transforming into great trader. Thanks for your help on my journey so far. You do not know how much you helped me so far. Thanks a lot man.”

Thomas, Germany

"His training is straight to the point and most importantly – if you apply it correctly with right mindset it brings great results on the long-term. Recommended for every struggling trader out there. If you apply what you learn in the sessions you will succeed.”

Sherwin, Philippines

“I am very grateful. Since I started with your mentor ship program, I keep growing my trading account. This month alone I made +38%, which is very good. Thanks to great coaching!”

Christina, Netherlands

“So glad your mentoring exists. Taking your course has changed everything around my trading and life.”

Avery, Greece

“I finally developed my successful trading mindset and most importantly – I am finally consistently profitable trader for last months. I would like to suggest everyone to learn from you as much as they can. Everything is transparent and there is really no BS behind. Thanks to you and my dedication I became full-time trader.”

Alonso, Spain

“Since I started with mentorship, I have grown massively as a person and trader. I simplified my trading and improved my performance a lot. I finally learned habits and skills that will last for a lifetime and help me achieve all my trading goals.”

Khairy, Malaysia

“Honestly, Sasi is the only trading mentor you need if you want to become consistent and successful on any market.I can not recommend it enough.”

Jimmy, Thailand

“I followed Sasi videos on begginers course, and I decided to start with 1-1 program. I am so happy I made that decisions, because I totally changed my trading psychology which was the biggest problem and obstacle for me. Sasi and team are amazing. Support and guidance is unbelievable. Thanks for everything guys!”


“I am happy to be part of the SFM family. I would definitely recommend it to others, no matter your past experiences. My success rate and trading statistics has been amazing in last couple of months. I also traded the Oil crash in March 2020 which gave me huge returns with very small risk. Thank You for all your support during and after the training calls.”

Paul, New Zealand

I wanted to thank sasi for his site. I’ve been trading the Forex market since 2012,after join sasi coaching program it transform my trading approach.

Tim, France

The cost of Sasi’s course was minuscule compared to the return, to put it in traders terms my ROI (return on investment) as of today is 300% and that is not a joke.

Fesco, Brazil

I’ve been a full member of Sasi’s Daily Price Action site for just 2 months and can honestly say it has completely transformed my approach to trading. I’d previously relied heavily on different combinations of indicators on numerous time-frames and never seemed to get anywhere and was close to giving up.

Avery, United Kingdom

Now use pure price action exactly as sasi teaches. His educational material and lessons are clear and concise,

Justin, Jamaica

If you are serious about becoming successful in trading, and transforming the way you approach the Forex market forever, I can’t recommend sasi highly enough as a coach and mentor.

William, Canada

After use 1 moth Trial Forex signal from  sasi i gained 20% profit. Now i purchased annual signal program. I feel like a real Trader for the very first time after join his signal program.

David , United Kingdom

Your trading system give me 100% profit ROI .. Tq Mr. Sasi.

Murali, Nepal

Since i learn PC with you . i really found the secret of Forex trading that rally amaze Now i only trade for 2 day a week & make living.  My profit grow 3x every week . Tq Mr. Sasi  you are great.

Merry, Australia