Do you want to mimic experienced trader ? Join our community and turn yourself into profitable trader

it’s important to remember that you remain in full control over your account. You can also adjust your risk preferences at any time, or decide to modify/close existing positions that were placed by the master trader.

 Advantage of Joining Our Copy Trading Service

We work as your wealth creation partner to help you to achieve financial security through Forex trading

1. Good for Beginners

You can let some one else do the work for you. It means you don't have to spend many hours to analyses the market or attend any Forex course.

2.Portfolio Diversification 

You can diversify your savings buy invest small portion of money to manage by experience trader.

3. Zero Fee Required

You no need to pay monthly fee to join our Forex copy trading. The trader only charge based on performance fee at the end of profitable month.   

4. Free Advance Training Course Worth $500

We provide free Advance training  workshops Worth $500 as a compliment and one-on-one mentoring sessions For all of our investors who join our copy trading service. We will give full support trough our innovative Live coaching system.

5. Best Passive Investment Strategy

Basically you get monthly ROI 2-30% from our copy trading. This profit help you to pay bills that reduce your financial burden. Check my 4 year verified trading result.

6. Immediate Profit

You can see the profit in your Forex trading account within 1st week you join our copy trading Service. Our goal is to generate strong returns for investors.

7. Trade With Pro trader

You will trade side by side with our professional Forex trader. You never miss any good trading opportunity. Our professional Forex trader will close the position immediately if there is any uncertain economic news was released.

8. Suite To Emerging Investors

Success is all about doing the right thing for long the term. We help you to achieve financial security in short amount of time through Forex copy trading service. Within a week you can see your capital grow without any effort. 

9. No Stress

Trading by yourself without expert knowledge in financial markets is almost destine to end with loosing money in your trading account. When you join our copy trading service you can see  profit every week.

10. Low Minimum Investment

If you want to invest in Hedge fund the minimum investment is $500,000 - 
$1 million. But with our copy trading service you can start  with as low as $2,000.  

11. Total Control Over Trading Account

You have 100% control over your account where you can deposit, withdraw or cancel the copy trading service at any time you like.

12. Full Transparency Under Regulated  Broker

 FXTM is world class regulated broker. We using FXTM broker to run the copy trading service. Thus under the FXTM broker you have full Transparency, Accountability & Security on your account.

What is The Process?

Just 5 Steps to Join Our Copy Trading Service

1.Open Account at FXTM broker

its free and no charge required. If you have any question you can contact FXTM customer service

2.Deposit Money in Your FXTM Account

Please be noted that the minimum deposit to join our copy trading service is USD 2,000. This money you deposit in your own account. You have full control over your Money.

3.Link Your FXTM Account With Our FXTM Master Account

Once you link your account with our copy trading account it's done. If you have any difficulty or question you can contact FXTM customer service 24/7.   

4. What I trade will Automatically Copy by your FXTM Account

You no need to monitor your account at all. Just let the FXTM system run everything for you. 

5. Withdraw Money Each Week

Individuals who link their trading account to be managed by our professional manager will be exchange for performance fee.

We do not collect any money on clients behalf and we do not give any financial advise, but we refer interests to copy trading service which regulated under FXTM broker. If a website visitor is interested in any question on the information we have published, please seek independent financial advice, If necessary.


1. Never invest more money you can't afford to loose.

Investment amount is different for each individual. Everybody should know for himself, how much he or she can invest in financial markets. The golden rule is to invest only the money that can be missed in case of loss and is not a life style changing amount. Investment can be made one time, or on a monthly basis, to meet each individuals investment plan.

2. Constant growth of investment is what we would like to achieve

In order to protect investment from big fluctuations, it is wise to reduce the risk of  your investment to 50% at FXTM client desk . This risk management can save your managed accounts in case one of the strategies has a hard time on the market. This method should keep your investment safe. We try to represent only the most constant growing managed accounts.

3. Plan your investment to meet your future goals.

Every individual has its own financial goals. Weather it is amount of capital in the bank account, or additional passive monthly income, it is a good idea to plan ahead. With constant monthly results, we can get approximate picture what we could expect in the future. But remember, past trading results do not guarantee future gains. Check my 4 year trading result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Forex Money Managed service & How it's work??

A Forex Money Managed service is where a professional trader manages the trading on the clients’ behalf through a Multi-Account Manager Account (MAM). This Forex Money Managed service can be compared to traditional Hedge fund investment service in stock trading where the Professional trader will trade clients account after done in-depth analysis such as;  Risk management, portfolio management, Fundamental & technical market analysis and other trading logistics.

We do not charge monthly fee only a  performance fee (PF), which is purely based on results. Our PF is 40% for a standard account ($2,000), however if you are large investor (more than $10,000) then we can reduce this (% PF) down depending on the amount you initially want to invest.

The PF fee is fair for the investor at all times. For example if you start with deposit amount of $10,000 in your FXTM account with a performance fee of 40%, and at end of the month there is $1,000 gross profit gain from trading. The PF performance fee deducted would be 40% of $ 1,000, which is $400, so your net profit would be $600 and your account would now have a new balance of $10,600. So there will be no performance fee deductions until you get profit in your account. Check My Verified Trading performance

By joining our copy trading service as a compliment you will get advance Forex coaching program Worth $500 for FREE + one-on-one mentoring sessions For all of our investors who join our copy trading service. We will give full support trough our innovative Live coaching system.We want to be fair, ethical and transparent to our clients at all times and want our clients to feel confident to continue with us based on our results rather than locking them in to a contract.

2. What is a MAM Account?

A MAM Account in Forex trading, also known as a Multi-Account Manager Account, is a solution that allow forex traders and investors to become part of a “pool” of sub accounts traded through a “Master Account“. The total trading capital in the master account is equivalent to the total of all the sub accounts, and profits are distributed according to the contributions to the master account. This is all calculated by the broker each month.

The MAM is the MASTER account and is assigned to the trade team and the investors’ accounts are connected to the Master account and recognized as followers so they receive the exact same trades instantly but with one distinction, the software will automatically calculate the position (LOT) size for each independent investor. This ensures that the risk is the same for each investor as well as the profits etc. So if there is a 15% gain in the Master trader account then the clients ( independent investor) would also receive a 15% gain in their account.

3. What is the Minimum Deposit to Participate?

The minimum deposit to participate in our Forex copy trading service is $2,000.  you can invest any maximum amount as much as you can.

We don’t lie to our customer that we can double your money in a day or neither we make false promise of 95-100% accuracy. Because it’s just not possible in any security market in the world.We agree that after all the technical and fundamental analysis we can hit 75-85% accuracy. That’s a genuine figure and we work really hard to meet that.

4. Can I control my risk?

Yes, you can assign your risk per trade trough The options that available at FXCM Broker "client control panel"for a specific dollar amount to risk per trade, at a specific lot size per trade and this  recommended options a allow you to set specific percentage % risk per trade, and a dynamic risk. This will secure your capital.

5. Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime. you must cancel through your FXCM account. While we suggest to give us at least 3 months to to see your account growth. 

6. What are your terms and conditions?

There is no terms and condition. You can withdraw form our account service any time you want.

7. Can I Withdraw from the Managed Account at any time?

Yes, you will find the option to exit or disconnect your managed account in the FXTM broker’s back office. If you cannot find this option, simply contactto an FXTM customer service and they will be happy to assist you. We also recommend at least 3 month as the optimal time to manage your accout.

8. Are there any Restrictions with Withdrawals?

There are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to withdrawing. This is one of the many benefits of trading with us. You can withdraw at any time if you are unhappy with our trading.

9. Who Can Withdraw Funds From My Managed Forex Account?

As per all our trusted FXTM brokers’ internal withdrawal policies, all trading funds can only be withdrawn by the account holder, who initially funded the account. In other words, any third party withdrawals are prohibited.

10. Which Forex broker you recommend in copy trading ?

We recommend FXTM Forex broker as our primary broker in order to operate the money management Service. FXTM is No.1 broker who give world class service to their clients.

11. What are the deposit & withdrawal option that available in FXTM broker ?

You can deposit & withdraw via any of the following methods:

Wire Transfer, Skrill, Perfect Money, ePayments, Bitcoin, Bitcoin  via Skrill, Litecoin, Ethereum, FasaPay, your Local Exchange House, TC Payment, South East Asia Online Banking, VISA Cards, Mastercard Cards, The State Bank of Mauritiu, WebMoney, Perfectmoney, Crypto Wallets (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XRP, USDT). If you have any question regarding deposit & withdraw issues you can contact FXTM customer service.

12. How efficacy is your service ?

Managed forex accounts offer total transparency compared to a typical fund. With a forex managed account your funds are held by you and only you, as opposed to a typical fund where your money is held by the fund manager and this places you in a vulnerable position.

13. Do FXTM is regulated broker?

 The FXTM broker is FSC regulated broker. You can find out more in  Licensed Broker page.  so you have total protection and complete control of your funds in your account.  You are the only person that would have access to your funds and the only person who can withdraw those funds.

Please take note that FXTM does not offer its services to residents of: USA, Mauritius, Japan, Canada, Haiti, Suriname, the Democratic Republic of Korea, Puerto Rico, Brazil, New Zealand and the Occupied Area of Cyprus and Hong Kong.

If you live in above nation you can contact me i will help you to link in our copy trading service. CLICK HERE 

14. What are penalty if i cancel your copy trading service?

You can cancel & withdraw your funds at any time without penalty or stop our copy trading service at any point if you don’t like with our service. This puts you in 100% total control of your investment.

15. What is minimum Return on investment i can get every month?

The minimum ROI i can make every moth is 2-30% Check my verified trading performance. Everything depends on how good the Forex market is. Basically we don't trade during important  economic News release for major currencies pair  (we referring to Forex calendar).
It's better don't loose money by taking blind risk.

16. What are the % risk you use for each trade?

I only risk is 1 % in the market on any one trade. This strategy has a fixed stop loss and aims for a 1:3 risk reward profile. We provide investors with a low risk investment, which aims to make absolute, positive returns regardless of market conditions.

17. What strategy you used to trade?

We using advanced price action strategy to analyze the market.


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